Home Sitting by Animals 24/7

Caring for your Home whilst you are away + any Pets

Our Home Sitting service gives you the option to have your Home (including any Pets should you be a pet owner) cared for whilst you are away.

So not only do we look after your home, possessions and keep any eye on everything until you return home, but can also care for your pets too in the comfort and familiarity of their home environment.

Using this service saves you sending any pets into boarding facilities, like kennels or catteries, and of course saves you the additional costs of boarding facility fees, etc.We can also offer many helpful extras as shown below as well as added security.

We can offer many helpful extras for your Home, like -

  • Putting refuse and recycling out for collection - bringing empty bins/boxes back in
  • Bringing in post
  • Topping up bird feeders
  • Watering your garden & lawn, including hanging baskets and any indoor plants too.
  • Grass cutting / Lawn mowing service (use of clients lawn mower only)
  • Emptying dishwashers or washing machines & much more!

We can offer many helpful extras for your Pets, like -

  • let any pets out in the garden to go to the toilet and get some fresh air
  • feed
  • play and provide care & attention
  • Administer medication (if any tablets need administering)
  • Take any dogs for a walk
  • Plus much more on request! 

Added security whilst you are out or away -

  • leave lights on
  • draw curtains or close blinds each evening and open each morning
  • even leave radios or televisions on at different times to give the impression someone is still home!
  • We always provide a security check around your home as standard to make sure your home is secure by checking all rooms, doors and windows, including outside your property, gates and your full property boundary.
  • The very fact that we offer a live in service whilst you are away, means that your sitters presence adds an added secuity presence.

Inclusive Text or Email Updates!

As part of our services or on request, a text message or email update can be sent either daily after the provision of our service has been completed, or as and when required by the client. Text message or email updates give you that extra peace of mind about leaving your pets, home and property when you are out or away.

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