Puppy Visit/Elderly Dog Visits

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We know how important the first few months are in the life of a young puppy.

Having a puppy is a very exciting time and we hope you are enjoying the experience and fun that they can bring.

However, puppies take up a lot of time and need extra care in the day.

Tailstotell can help you by providing puppy visits or we can offer a puppy sitting service to help take care of your puppy whilst you are out at work or away for the day. 

These visits help to prevent a build up of boredom, which can quite often leads to destructive behaviour.

Puppies need a lot of time, care, attention, and love.

We will visit your home and help feed and play with them, and of course clean up any little accidents your puppy may have had.

If required we allow your puppies into your garden/backyard for a toilet break, offer them praise and then returning them back inside.

Your puppy must be vaccinated before being allowed outside. First vaccinations are usually given around 8 to 9 weeks and the final vaccination at around 10 to 12 weeks.

Once your puppy is fully vaccinated we can offer a short walk around the area to introduce them to the collar and lead, then begin to offer them slightly longer walks to help them to learn how to interact with both dogs and humans this is a very important time for a young puppy.     Our services are built around yours and your puppy's needs.

Elderly Dog visits

If your pet is getting on in their years or has health problems and cannot manage long walks we can offer them a short stroll or let them out into the garden for a toilet break.  An initial meeting with you and your pet is essential to discuss the level of service you require.

We offer for both services:

  • cleaning up any little accidents!
  • feeding and fresh water
  • play and lots of fuss
  • letting out and a short walk
  • socialising
  • company

I provide all Poop Bags & Toys, which is included in the above.  I will travel up to 7 miles from our location, after that I need to charge 30p per mile to cover expenses. 

(Please contact us for a quote)               Also please look at our Pet Sitting service by clicking here