Pet Visits / Home Visits Dogs


Choosing & trusting the right person to look after your beloved pets and letting a stranger into your home, is a very huge decision!   

We would want you to feel 100% confident and comfortable, should you choose us to take care of your pets in your home whilst you are away on business or holiday.Tailstotell pet services offer a free consultation and references can be taken from any of my customers, so to put your mind at rest.

By using our services you are able to let you pets remain in their own environment. 

Going into kennels can cause a lot of stress and upset.  So whether you are going away for the day, or recovering from illness or simply want your pets and your home looked after while you are at work, we can provide peace of mind.

Tailstotell pet services are able to visit your pets in their homes, look after them and ensure that we make a fuss of them.

We can make daily or twice daily visits to your home to care for them. 

We will ensure that they have fresh food and drink, let them out to do their business also clean the litter trays as necessary also clean up any little accidents.  

We can administer medication for example:-  Tablets, ear drops and eye drops and antiseptic cream, ointment, or powder to all pets that require it. 

For safety reasons we do not administer injections or change dressings, this would be covered by your own Veterinary Practice.


Home Visiting - Dogs

Approximate time at property normally takes 30 minutes per visit but there are times it will take longer depending on how many pets and your requirements.

We can also collect the mail, water the plants, open and close curtains, turn lights on and off etc whilst you are not there free of charge.

We are non-smokers and will never bring other people into your property.


* I will travel up to 7 miles from our location, after that I need to charge 30p per mile to cover expenses.   Monday to Friday.  8am to 6pm   Early mornings, Evenings, Weekend and Bank Holidays   (Please contact us for a quote)*

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