General Terms and Conditions


1.  To ensure the best possible care is given, we at Tailstotell pet services offer a free of charge Service Consultation to answer any questions you may have.  This consultation can take from 20 minutes to 40 minutes and is an important first meeting  so that you and your pets can get to know us. 


2.  We will familiarise ourselves with the commands that you use for your pets so there is no confusion.  We will also discuss the services you are considering and if necessary, adapt them to fit to your requirements.  It is an opportunity for you to ask any questions or concerns that you might have.  This also gives us an opportunity to fill in the necessary paperwork required to start our service.


3.    Tailstotell pet services reserves the right to decline or terminate a booking in any circumstances also if a Key is held and the customer services are not used for 9 months to a year the key will be destroyed!


4.    Cancellation Policy:  Customers are now bookings in advance, this allows me to know what availability I have to offer.

       If you have booked in advance and then cancel I still require payment.  The reason for this is that I could have offered the time slot to someone else.  If you decide to terminate our services then I require you to make a full months payment.


5.    We ask our Customers to make sure that their personal information is correct and up to date!  


6.    We ask our Customers to supply us with their Veterinary Practices contact details in the event of an emergency.


7.    In the event of an emergency:  We ask our Customers to supply us with their contact details also a contact number of a trusted third party should we be unable to make contact with them.


8.    We ask our Customers if they could please notify their neighbours that we will be visiting their property in your absence to carry out our services.


9.    Customer’s Details:  Our customer’s details will be used with the strictest of confidence and will not be shared or given to any other source except for name and contact number for reference only.


10.  The owner shall accept full liability for and loss or damage caused by their pet whilst being walked or visited and accepts liability for payment of any public liability insurance excess or veterinary fees incurred.


11.  Payments will be collected after each service, either by cheque, cash, or bac’s payment.  We do not at this point in time accept any form of card payment.


12.  I will travel up to 7 miles from our location, after that I need to charge per mile to cover expenses.  (Please contact us for a quote)


13.  We all understand that each individual pet has its own character and temperament and because of this we feel we can offer our services to meet your pets needs.


14.  Tailstotell pet services must be informed if your pet is suffering or has suffered any illness, taking medication or has any allergies, prior to starting our services.


15.  We ask if you could keep your pets health at check and they are fully vaccinated, wormed and flea treated. 


16.Our walking time will be normally 20 minutes to 1 hour during the slot booked however, we reserve the right to use our personal judgment to cut short a walk in the event of the safety of your dog (e.g. bad weather conditions, injury, etc. In the event of any injury we will inform you that we have taken your pet to your requested Veterinary Practice.  We do not except liability and payment is met by you.


17.   No more than 3 dogs will be walked together by Tailstotell pet services on any one walk.


18.   All dogs will remain on their lead!  If the pet’s owner requests us to let their pets off: a full agreement has to be reached first, by both parties!  We will only then let them off if we are confident that your pet will return when called! 

        We do not accept liability for accidental injury whilst in our service, also injury caused by other sources.


19.   Un-castrated dogs or bitches in season will be accepted for walking, but will be walked one to one only and in a safe location.


20.   We will accept dogs with signs of aggression, but they must be muzzled and will be walked one to one only.


21.   Should your pet require Special Diets, these will be catered forHowever a clear printed instruction sheet of your pets needs must be made available and placed for our attention on arrival.


22.   Medication will be given also, as and when necessary, again clear instructions must be provided.  No injections will be administrated!


23.   When carrying out home visits: we do not except liability when pets are left un-supervised.